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Canada Financial Corporation (CFC)

is located in Toronto/Ottawa, Canada as a worldwide capital investment and asset management group with branches in Asia Pacific, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, consisting of hundreds of economist and experts of finance, legality, taxation, accounting and investment consultant all around the world in specific industries to analyze and manage the risks.


Our vision of the future

With the world's most dynamic economy and growth potential of regions, and selected the most forward-looking in the world, the most social value, the most market potential and the potential of the industry as the most profitable investment projects.!


Venture Capital

venture capital

CFC is global venture capital investors to provide professional investment services.


Trust Fund

fund in trust

Provide the richest and most comprehensive trust products, and most powerful trust scheme for all levels of investors and financiers to satisfy their investing and financing needs.


Asset Management

asset management;

Asset management can be defined as the actual process that the institutional investors invest the collected assets in the capital market.


Expert teams

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